Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jackson O. Muenster: Illustrator Day on Beat Street

Here and now, 2014

This week's post is about illustrator Jackson O'Brien Muenster, who has been drawing bits and pieces of Ruby Tabeata's Beat Street world since last fall.

I asked him to tell us about himself and here's what he came up with:

My name is Jackson O'Brien Muenster, I am a full time human being living in the lively Portland OR.
I got my start artistically at a very young age. With crayons in hand I learned the basics of drawing and color theory; my imagination my principal tutor. 

I was fortunate enough to have grown up attending one of the finest schools in the Willamette Valley. It was a gift that fostered my creativity and inspired joy to learn, explore and play.

This joy carried me through my elementary and high school years and gently set me down in Seattle at a private art college. While I learned a lot at art school I came to realize that my love of creation extended past visual media. 

I returned to the scenery of my youth, reconnected with old friends and began the next chapter of my life. I now work full time at a bakery making coffee, doing dishes, and telling stories. With the rest of my time I write songs and learn how to play the drums as well as mandolin

I have started a folk-rock-bluegrass-punk band with two of my best friends. (We recently welcomed a forth member to the party) Along with making music I have been working to create the visual landscape for my band.

To anyone interested in making art: if you feel the call, answer it. There are no secrets you need to learn, and no teacher better than the intention compelling you.



Illustrations: Jackson O'Brien Muenster