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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beat Words for Beatkels

Greenwich Village, 1958.

You want to know what the words are, and I don’t really think about it. But tourists sometimes even come over and ask questions when you’re, I don’t know, in the park or something.

“Is there a Beat language?”

“Why do you all sound the same?”

We don’t. But I put a list together with Sophie and Gordy the other day, just to entertain you. 

Angel: one who pays the bill
Axe: musical instrument
Beat: out of the system, beaten down by the system, living a new life, beatitudes
Beatkel: tourist
Bread: money
Cat: cool musician (or guy)
Cave: office
Can the lip: stop talking
Chick: single woman
Cool it: slow down
Cooney roost: a library
Crazy: good
Daddy-o: a term of affection
Dig: understand
Dullsville: boring
The End: the best
Fuzz: cops
Galaxy: circle of friends
A gas: Something wonderful
Ginchiest: the greatest
Goat: Beard, goatee
Gone: really with it
Graveyard: a deadbeat
Groovie: one who gets the swing of things
Feeling hairy: feeling good
Handcuffs: parents
Headshrinker: psychoanalyst
Hip: to be with it, understand
Hipster: musician, someone who’s cool
Horn: phone
Hot iron: gun
Jazz: you know what that is, don't cha?
Juiceman: bartender
Kicksticks: cigarettes
Lama: leader of the group
Later: goodbye
Mazda: a really hip person
Mickey Mouse: a wristwatch
Moo juice: milk
Nadaville: nowhere, boring place
Off the wall: unusual, odd
Pad: apartment
Swinging: Hip
Shades: Sunglasses
Squaresville: boringly normal
Squaresville iron: jail
Stable: garage
Stable the iron: park the car
Tuned in: with it
Twin trees: high heels
A Washington: dollar bill
Wail: play a tune well, have fun
Way out: unusual
Wild: terrific
Wasteland: far away

You want to add some words to this list? Crazy. 

Dark eyed girl photoRachel a. k.