Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last Line

People reading The Beat on Ruby’sStreet have written in to say they liked Ruby’s running poem throughout the book, but wondered if the poem was complete or had more to it.

The poem, in fact, has one short last line that isn’t in the book. Ruby says it I can share it with you.

In the Key of Heat

Sweet fleet beat of the street
Rising heat
From the white of the sidewalk
And the conga sound of the
Bonga bonga bongos
Every spring they sprout like toadstools
In the key of heat
Over Egypt and Khartoum and the
In Brazil
Drum rain beating on the heads of
And umbrellas while the sky goes
Clean white empty trumpet beating
RED out of the sky
And we’re moving into it or is the beat moving us
Every spring
In the key of heat
Sweet, fleet Beat Street

Waking dreams

--Ruby Tabeata
96 Perry Street, NYC