Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sexy Words

Greenwich Village, 1958.

Gonna keep this one short today, but need to say it. Blu and I got together first because a friend was opening up a store and asked if he could use our names. (Later we took over and bought him out). 

Then, getting to know each other while working in the store, we realized how much happier we were together than with our so-called chosen "mates." 

It’s hell to divorce but if you’re with someone who makes you miserable, it’s a living hell without an end point. At least divorce… has an endpoint.

Nobody knows that better than Blu or I do. So if you’re with someone who’s cruel or who puts you down, don’t wait to get out of there. If you have kids, figure out how to make it work but if you can get out before you have kids, do that.

Just a word to the wise is all, because I’ve been there. 


For a while, Blu and I just hung around without living with each other. In a way, I think that’s the best thing to do in any relationship – different houses mean you both live as independent people and all that’s holding you together is love.

After a couple of years though, it just started to make more sense to live together. But if one of us wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, we can tell that to each other and not take it out on each other.

People look at a hot dame and say that’s what the real deal is. I say yeah, but is she nice to you?

Kindness. Dignity.

Not sexy words. But maybe they are, eh? If you want to stay together.


--Sky M.
Blue Skies owner