Monday, December 22, 2014

At the Rock

New York City, 1958

If you want to see Rockefeller Center, this is the time of year to do it. Nell and Gary Daddy-o won’t go but Sophie and me like seeing the tree or even seeing them light the tree if we can make it.

They have red and white decorations that look like popcorn and cranberries. They have shimmering icicle light and angels leading up to the tree.

You can go skating there but we don’t. We tried it once and kept falling down, which made us laugh but wasn’t good for keeping your balance. Sophie’s mom showed us how because she’s a really good skater. She also bought us hot chocolate.

Their tree is so big that no matter what you did at home, you could never hope to top it. We do have a tree though, with real popocorn and cranberries. Nell-mom won’t say but I think it’s her favorite part of the holiday.

Blu and Sky don’t have a tree because Blu is Jewish. But sometimes they come over to look at our tree. Sometimes Blu makes latkes, which people have at Hanukkah. They’re unbelievably good. I swear. 

The thing about being a Beat is you always have to ask yourself: is it hip to have a Christmas tree? Or hipper not to?

Sophie says that’s a dumb question for anyone, let alone a hipster. She says everyone likes the trees, whether they want to say so or not.

Gary Daddy-o’s favorite part of the holiday is the egg nog with rum. You’re supposed to wait until New Year’s but he doesn’t.

My favorite part…? Watching all the people at Rockefeller Center. Skating, drinking, kissing, fighting, laughing, holding hands and snuggling. The air has a little bite and it makes your eyes open wider.

And when they light the tree everyone’s breath goes in and out in one big whoooosh! I think it’s because Christmas  gets everyone feeling, I don't know. Hopeful.

And if the person next to you starts singing Jingle Bell Rock, it might not even sound dumb because you're outside and they're lighting up the tree. Not that you'd sing with them or anything. But you know... you might.

Tree at Rockefeller CenterMikaƫl T.
Egg nog: Dominick
Young girl: Christina Welsh