Sunday, October 2, 2016

Introducing: The Beat on Ruby's Street Trailer

This week won't be a long post because I have a BRAND NEW book trailer for The Beat on Ruby's Street, and am excited to share it with you!

I never did one of these before, so for me, it was a very interesting process. First I had to find the right images that would give you an idea of Ruby's world, since she's growing up in 1958 in the heart of the Beat Generation. I scoured dozens of royalty-free sites to find most of them, and also used some images created just for my blog by the artist Jackson O'Brien Muenster. 

Of course, one of my husband's photos found its way in to the mix, plus my friend and book publicist Pam Labbe's wonderful graphic and the amazing book cover by Gwen Gades. The hardest part was finding the right music, but thanks to writer Kandi Wyatt I found just the right piece - thank you, Kandi!

So... without further mishmash, I hope you'll enjoy the trailer (and thanks, Jim Tittle of Nice Pictures and Twelve Plus Media for putting it together)!

See the trailer HERE.