Saturday, July 29, 2017

House Clean or Messy? And Do You Care?

Is your house clean or messy? You don't have to answer me, but I DO want to proudly share that my home is the cleanest I've ever seen it - mostly because it's on the market right now.

Not so much fun, though, getting it that way.

Growing up, I had a super clean house and the word super is not an exaggeration. My mother had a professional cleaning done weekly - but somehow she managed to keep things pretty amazingly grit free throughout the week, too.

Reader, I did not inherit this trait.

My house and the apartments where I lived before I had a house could attest to that, if they could talk. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I was frantically cleaning up mounds of dust on a table in our bedroom -- husband not having noticed it at all, of course -- and he's allergic to dust.

Raising a kid in the house gave me an excuse (not to clean), but I still think it's a good one. I was always much more focused on playing, teaching, singing, writing and generally raising said kid than on cleaning our surroundings. Still and all, I do admire people who keep things tidy, especially because I had to work so hard this month (harder than I ever worked) on cleaning up my home.

That doesn't mean I didn't wipe counters and bath tubs and tile and mop or sweep now and again. It doesn't mean I didn't try to be neat and get my husband and son to pick up their stuff.

Because in my view, it's not the clean that's most important - though yeah, grime isn't great. But the biggest issue I end up with is clutter, and it's not usually mine.

But even if cleaning isn't a complete priority, or even an incomplete one, I would say it feels good to see our place so clean now. OMG yes.

How long will we be able to keep things just the way they are?

Let's just say I hope the home sells soon.

If not, well... I can say I'm proud of some of my parenting traits, like finding fun outings, advocating for my kid at school, hanging with him when he needs help on homework (and there's another blog about that if you're interested).

But cleaning... well. I have to say neither man in my life is exceptionally interested in it (or even a little). They do it. When pressed.

But otherwise I think they're pretty wonderful.

Isn't that the main thing?

I don't know. 

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Boy with vacuum photo: Russ