Saturday, July 8, 2017

Love Note to Summer

Summer. Just the word makes me smile (doesn't it make everyone?)

This is a crazy summer (house selling, house hunting) but I know it will go too fast so I'm determined to at least write down all the things I love about it even if I don't get to do them.

1. My son visits because school is out

2. We can swim in lakes and pools

3. We can walk every day if we want

4. We don't have to pile on boots, sweaters and coats

5. It's a great time to take time off

6. Barbecues

7. Light lasts and lasts all day

8. Nights are gentle and warm

9. Summer fruits 

10. Time seems to last longer even if it doesn't

While my birthday is in August I like July better - and always tried to make sure we had family vacations in July.

That's my summer list - what about yours?

Send me your favorite things about summer - and if you don't have any and want to make a case for winter, that's fine too! I'd love to hear it.

Here's a little more about summer and kids: