Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cyn's Pop Quiz

Greenwich Village, 1958. Cyn's Place (leotard store):

Ruby asks where my old man is.

I say:
Which one?

Ruby asks about the one with the black T-shirt.

I say:
Which one?

Ruby: Dark eyes, hair, cigarette rolled up in sleeve. Eats sandwiches with me on the counter.

Me: Which one?

She gives up.

Sophie asks:
Do you ever wear, like, dresses?



When I’m outta here.

Ruby: Do you own the store or only work here?

Me: Both.

Ruby: Are Lucky Strikes the best cigarettes?

Me: Yeah.

Ruby: Is one of your boyfriends named Kent?

Me: Kenttown, yeah.

Ruby: Kenttown?

Me: Kent... Towne. Yeah.

Ruby: Black T shirt? Sandwiches? Dark hair & eyes?

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ruby: How old is he?

Me: Old enough.

Sophie: Would you ever consider—

Me: Never. No.

Ruby: What’s your favorite sandwich?


Ruby: Really?

Me: No.

Ruby: What then?

Me: Tuna on rye toast. Really.

Ruby: Would you ever consider—

Me: No.

Ruby: --getting a cat in here?

Me: I already am a cat.

Pause. No questions.

Me: I turn into one at night when everybody goes home.

Ruby: What color?

Me: Cinnamon

Ruby: What’s your cat name?

Me: Cats don’t have names when no one is around.

Ruby: Can we make up one?

Me: No.

Sophie: Kenttown. We’ll call her—

Me: I’ll throw you out of here.

Sophie: Okay! Okay. Sorry.

Ruby: Are you a dancer?

Me: Professionally?

Ruby: Yeah.

Me: No.

Ruby: Can I work here?

Me: Absolutely. Just tell me when you want to start.

Sophie: Can I work here?

Me: No.

Sophie: Why not?

Me: Only room for one of you.

Sophie: Rats.

Me: (& you’re the opposite of cool).

Sophie: What?

Me: What?

Sophie: Did you say something?

Me: No.

Ruby: If I work here can I get some dangly earrings?

Me: If you work enough hours to pay for ‘em.

Ruby: Cool—

Me: But if you work here—

Ruby: Yeah?

Me: You can’t ask me any more questions.

Ruby: Truly? 

Me: Truly.

Ruby: Forever?

Me: And ever.

Ruby: Cyn! Yeah. Deal.